Soil Systems Farm


Over the past decade that I have worked with, and been taught by Adam Willson, Soil Systems Australia. I have gone from being a farmer with a real interest in biologically assisted agriculture to one that has ability to rectify many of the common deficiencies of our ancient soil and produce very high quality crops from it. Adam is easy to work with, has immense practical knowledge coupled with the ability to teach the skills in easy to understand language. This is a rare combination and it should be highly valued.  I owe him a great deal for the knowledge he has shared willingly.

Chris Cameron
Soil Health Manager, Jurgens Produce
Bowen, Queensland, Australia


Seven years ago we had lost interest in farming on our 750ac dairy farm. Grass would not grow like it did 15 years prior, legumes were almost non-existant , weeds flourished & the soil was hard & compacted. After 20 years of conventional “best practice” farming using chemical fertilisers & sprays we had cows with sub-clinical illness & skyrocketing input costs. That’s when we consulted Adam Willson from Soil Systems Australia for help. His advice made sense, start by making the soil healthy, the plants will be healthy & this follows on to the cattle. What a miraculous turn around in a few years. We started using more raw manures & this has progressed to composting & remineralisation of our pastures. We now have healthy palatable pastures, plenty of earthworms, friable soil, & legumes that thrive. The cattle have a unique sheen to their coats which visitors often remark upon & suffer very few ailments resulting in improved production. The best part is we now enjoy farming again & above all the bottom line has improved & that is what counts!

Robyn & Ged Plunkett
Tamborine, Queensland, Australia