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Quality Food & Organic Consultancy

The opportunities for supplying quality clean food into the health food sector has enormous potential. According to IbisWorld 2012 Organic Farming in Australia: Market Research Report, Organic farming has an annual growth rate of 10%. The Australian Organic Market Report 2012 has estimated the Australian Organic Industry at $1.27 billion and the global organic industry in excess of $59 billion.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Project development – how to set up fully integrated organic farming operations
  • Organic supply management & marketing
  • Commercial and on-farm composting – how to set up, budget and manage composting operations that match the different soil types
  • Organic livestock production, maximising returns per hectare
  • Soil surveys, benchmarking and research
  • Practical training and education for producers and consumers
  • Implementing quality assurance systems & organic management plans
  • Food quality and production improvements – links to rotations, soil nutrition, soil types and  genetics

Assessment of soil suitability requires accurate testing and GPS location of the soil profile.  Around 95% of organic farms in Australia are chemical free but do not remineralise their soils. Growing European and North American crops on ancient million year old soils has led to poor quality food, declining yields and protein levels. This contrasts to Northern Hemisphere soils that were formed in the last ice age 15,000 years ago and are generally more fertile.