Soil Systems Farm


Soil Systems Australia provides strategic and highly technical advice to our clients. We specialise in three major areas, quality food production, waste water management for businesses, rendering plants and abattoirs and mine rehabilitation.

Project development

When investors want to investigate the feasibility of organic production for a certain region, Soil Systems Australia takes a unique position. The first step is to draw up a business plan based on the capability of the soils for that area. The second is introduce the best technology to ensure that all crops, pastures and livestock can reach their full genetic potential. Finally, we put in place operation systems that benchmark and monitor these changes both locally and remotely.

Soil management and production improvements

Making the step to move from conventional to biological or certified organic production can be a little daunting. The keys to financial success lie in regenerating soils, rebuilding nutrient levels and converting organic matter into stable soil humus.

Organic livestock production

In keeping with our commitment to holistic farm management practices, Soil Systems Australia also provides specialised organic livestock management services. Whether they are involved in grazing cattle or producing organic eggs, our clients can take advantage of a full suite of services relating to organic livestock production, including pasture establishment and management, disease prevention and control, husbandry practices, nutrition and breeding strategies.

Commercial and on-farm compost production

Quality compost rich in humic fractions is critical to providing even production and mineral rich produce. How you compost directly effects the bio-availability of applied nutrients. It is the foundation to rapidly building stable soil humus in all soil types.

Training and education

Since early 2002, Soil Systems Australia has been at the forefront of education and training in modern organic farming.