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Established in October 2011 to promote the establishment of local certified market gardens in peri-urban environments.

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We have a solid background in providing solutions for challenging projects.

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We specialise in: Commercial Organic Farming, Waste Water Management & Mine Rehabilitation and Soil Remediation.

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According to IbisWorld 2010, Organic farming is the fastest growing industry with an annual growth rate of 14.5%.


Welcome to Soil Systems Australia

Truly sustainable farming and water management in the future must be based on regenerating (or rebuilding) poor and unproductive soils. Soil Systems Australia was set up in September 1999 to provide practical advice for producers and companies interested in regenerative land management. Our company was founded on the principle that all activities on the land must protect the natural processes that produce stable soil humus, the most precious form of soil carbon. We have developed these regenerative processes in Australia on a wide variety of soil types in climates ranging from arid to tropical.

We guide companies and producers who need assistance with project management, agronomy, horticulture, commercial and on-farm composting, organic consultancy, dairy production, waste water management (for rendering plants & abattoirs), mine rehabilitation, soil remediation, establishing market gardens, education and soil surveys.

After 14 years, Soil Systems Australia has learnt that soil management in Australia and elsewhere needs to focus on organic matter and mineral nutrition. When this is implemented, environmental degradation is reduced and food quality enhanced. It is with this background and desire to produce nutrient dense, tasty and seasonal food that we purchased a peri-urban farm to supply the local community with low carbon footprint fresh quality organic vegetables.

Into the future, we are looking for clients who understand all about holistic management. We have a strong passion for applied science with tangible solutions. With degenerative diseases in society rising dramatically, soil management and farming needs to look at its critical links to quality organic matter and mineral nutrition. To every business this is both a challenge and opportunity and we at Soil Systems Australia want to help you through this transition.

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Organic weed control

Weed management in organic pastures is one of the biggest challenges facing farmers today. Whether it be hay, broadacre livestock or dairy production, the decision to invest time or money into strategies can significantly turn your business around. Here are some thoughts on how to approach this challenge during difficult financial times that may have...


Controlling weeds in broadacre and vegetable crops

Controlling weeds in broadacre and vegetable crops requires the manager to consider a number of important decisions. In organic farming, many of these decisions are proactive in nature – what you implement today has a big bearing on what happens in the weeks and months ahead. You don´t have the luxury of pulling out a...

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Strategies for orchards and vineyards

Weed control in organic orchards and vineyards is one of the most important management practices carried out by the farmer. Depending on the strategy and climatic region, it sets the foundation for yield potential and quality of fruit to be produced. Failure to get on top of weeds leads to significant yield losses of up...